What is Palm Tree Systems?

Founded in early 2015, Palm Tree Systems is a group of technologists, data scientists, and web enthusiasts committed to making sense of the internet.  We are a trusted innovator and partner helping our customers succeed through advanced technological solutions.  Our introductory Backlink API liberates valuable backlink information to leaders of industry, fortune 500 companies, governments, academics, and organizations alike.

What does Palm Tree Systems do?

Through our introductory Backlink API, we help our customers access valuable backlink data.  With this backlink data, they can analyze their competitors, grow their businesses, climb search engine rankings, and make more money!

Why should I choose Palm Tree Systems?

We work closely with each of our customers in ways that will shock you.  We also take great pride in the accuracy and comprehensiveness of the data we offer.

Where does the name, “Palm Tree” come from?

The name comes from a visit we had to Santa Cruz beach in California where we came up with the idea and conceptualized the technology behind our now proprietary backlink API platform.

On this trip, we realized the value of building technology.  We want to build technology to make your life easier – so you too can make more trips to the beach and have your next big idea!